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Fury's design

Comparing Fury's new resigned look (which was redesigned by Joe Mad, the guy who originally designed her) I must say... I like them both, sure you can saw that her having armor makes her look more insecure. Which would makes sense since the Seven deadly sins took all four horsemen to beat the first time around, but I wonder if they'll add alternate costumes from like in Darksiders or armor sets from Darksiders 2.

She wears black armor that has a few demonic faces on it, however I've heard the complaints of her heels, and I would just like to point out her original design had heels, and that Uriel and angel from the past two game and Lilith from darksiders 2 both had heels so it's nothing serious.

Her eyes in the trailer did feel too big however the pre-alpha eased my concern when I noticed her eyes were fixed, they didn't look too big like the cg trailer.

If they go the Darksiders 2 route, I think that would be the best choice, however I'm not keen on the idea of the armor sets being loot, and Instead why not make the armor sets unlock able side quests or craft-able so we won't be limited to just a few amount of armor loot.

If they go with alternate costumes then make it to where we can change into them easily, not by restricting us to make a whole new game just to choose which costume we want to have in the entire game. 

And let's hope that Fury has her own Abyssal armor set, War's by far is the best looking one, while Death's would look so much better without the horns.


Now with enemy designs: glad that enemies from both Darksiders 1 and 2 are returning, the spiders from Darksiders 1, the Demon Legionnaire from Darksiders 2 and the swarm.

But also enjoy that they gave us more variant in those flying insect enemies that has appeared in the past games, and those new demons that throw spears are interesting. The new beetle like enemy that carried Sloth is another interesting enemy hope they can do more while carrying their boss.

Now the newest and possibly most interesting enemy is those insectoid beasts that hang upside down sleeping before Fury get's too close, they have green glowing talons and eyes and seem to also attack with their legs. Overall a nice new enemy type that feels natural to their surroundings.

Now with the first of the sins; Sloth the Lord of Flies, I must say he's not quite what I was expecting, he's a giant green bee-like insect that sits upon a throne while being carried by his beetle minions before getting knocked off. His animations look really good for a pre-alpha gameplay his attacks are wide and slow but are powerful.


This I know for a fact will be improved, because every Hack n slash game has very few combat moves when they start, God of war, Devil may cry even Bayonetta starts out with her with few combat moves. But I am certain the combat moves will expand and you will need to buy them like other Hack n slash games before it.

Now for the whip combat, I'm sure that they will improve it it doesn't sound as impactful and the hit animations looks like a tickle and the repeated attack sound is annoying however we did get to see a few combat moves other than that standard three hit combo.

I am certain that combat will be improved in the future, Gunfire games is mostly made of ex-vigil employees and that's has kept my hopes up for this game because of it.

Camra angle

The camera is way too close to Fury's back, you can hardly tell how many enemies are on screen at once because of it some felt like they popped out of nowhere.

Fury's Animation

Fury's running animation is pretty good, nothing to complain about, but her grabbing onto ledges needs some improvement it felt kinda stiff when she jumped onto them.

Her hair still needs some work, despite it acting as if it was it's own sentient being, huh kinda like Bayonetta's lol.

Fury's crouching was a surprise for me, the past two game didn't have crouching in them before could this potentially mean stealth for the game? I'd like to know and if so will it be executed well or not? Because the feeling of the gameplay makes it look like it's inspired by the Batman arkham games specifically Catwoman's, which I'm not complaining about at all.

Fury does have a meteorite strike attack however the crater animation from the past games was present, which could mean that they will add that in the future. But I always liked the crater animation makes you feel more like a badass.


Now for the time of when the game takes place, this obviously takes place before War was sent back to Earth, and remember in Darksiders Earth years is quite different from other worlds, from the charred council's realm a few minutes could mean a hundred years on Earth and seeing how Fury left before War did it I can guess she arrived maybe 40 to 50 years before War's quest.

Overall I am pleased with a new Darksiders 3, I do hope the concerns I have are put at ease, but overall things are looking good for the series, lets try and not let it die lol.


Death's idealist
United States
When your love of dragons and monsters becomes your illness you've caught the Dragoritus syndrome.


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